Translation Management

The MESMO Inc Project Manager (PM) is responsible for the overall coordination and management of all aspects of our clients' projects. The PM serves as the principal point of contact (POC) for your translation and localization projects as well as management and reporting related to changes in scope, technical requirements, deadlines, financial impacts and final deliverables. The PM is also responsible for providing timely project status reports to your designated POC as required.

Planning and Approach
MESMO Inc is dedicated to providing superior customer service at all times. We seek to establish a "strategic partnership" with our clients to assure a top-quality product. This process requires careful project planning, excellent and timely communication with all team members and regular status reporting.

As with any project, MESMO Inc will work closely with you at the outset of our relationship to develop a tightly-integrated project team. The first task is to establish scopes of effort, timelines, formats and deliverables, which can take the form of documented quotes, ongoing work within the scope of formal proposals or a technical "Scope of Effort" for complex localization projects.

Communication Management: Status Reporting
Status reports (SR’s) are routinely delivered at regular intervals, in accordance with a schedule to be agreed upon between the MESMO Inc and customer POCs. The format of SR’s can vary greatly, depending on customer preference and project type. We currently employ four types of status report formats: customized online status reporting; MS Project reports (updates to the MS Project plan); Excel data updates and regular e-mail update reporting.

In addition to formal status reporting, MESMO Inc's PM and the PM support staff are available at all times to consult on all aspects of your project(s). We typically have interaction on several levels between dedicated MESMO Inc staff and customer staff (engineering, graphics, multimedia), with all communications copied to and recorded by your dedicated MESMO Inc Project Manager.