Multimedia is the wave of the future. The explosion in technology has made it possible to deliver interactive media that seamlessly combine text, audio, video and animation.

The success of your multimedia products in global markets, however, hinges on their technical compatibility with local standards, cultural suitability for your customers and language accuracy in each of your target markets. Your translation and localization company must be able to adapt, translate, integrate and produce your final products in a manner that duplicates the original interactive experience for the international user.

MESMO Inc. has the experience, resources and technical capability to ensure the success of your international multimedia products in global markets. MESMO Inc. combines integrated audio, text, video, graphics, engineering and studio production capabilities with unsurpassed translation and localization expertise to adapt your products for an international audience.

Web and Computer-Based Training (CBT)

MESMO Inc. has the translation resources, cross-cultural expertise, and technical capabilities to adapt and re-engineer your multimedia, computer-based training, and web-based interactive training materials for a global audience. The company offers content assessment and localization, adaptation to local formats, logo and image evaluation, language translation and re-engineering services for companies that seek to launch their multimedia training and educational products worldwide.

MESMO Inc. provides a fully-integrated, turnkey production process: text extraction, translation, scripting modifications, audio/video recording/dubbing, mixing, integration, QA testing and validation. Our certified multimedia engineers have extensive experience with multimedia and editing software such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Authorware, and Flash.