About Us

Corporate Overview

Founded by Olajide Ijadare in 2008, MESMO Inc. is a privately-held professional, scientific and technical services company.  Our administrative management and general management consulting services solutions include security cooperation/assistance program support for the Department of Defense, financial planning and budgeting, strategic and organizational planning, and general management consulting on a range of administrative, human resource, marketing, process, physical distribution and logistics.

MESMO Inc.’s language support services include translation, interpretation, documentation and language training. We have a portfolio of more than 40 languages and rely upon a broad range of native linguists to provide translation, interpretation and analysis services to U.S. government agencies at home and abroad.

MESMO Inc. is especially specialized in national security and security cleared language support service requirements for African, Middle Eastern, and Southeast European exotic languages.  Those languages include but are not limited to Acholi, Adangbe, Amharic, Arabic, Bahasa, Bulgarian, Dagomba, Dinka, Ewe, Fulfulde, Farsi, GA, Hausa, Ibibio, Igbo, Kanuri, Kikuyu, Lingala, Lugandan, Luo, Moroccan, Nuer, Sango, Somali, Swahili, Tigre, Tigrinya, Twi– Fante, Russian, Urdu, Yoruba, and Zande.

We are adept at providing unsurpassed quality and professional language services to meet any requirement.  Our employees provide subject-specific preparation, bring extensive experience in government and commercial sectors to the job and we ensure all language communication is conveyed clearly and with cultural accuracy.

MESMO Inc. of Waldorf, Maryland is a Center for Veteran Enterprise Verified Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business.  The firm is a financially stable company that is led by an experienced leadership team with a reliable record of corporate performance and execution.

MESMO Inc. is committed to excellence in its delivery of first-rate support solutions.  It accomplishes this by hiring enthusiastic professionals and then takes good care of them by providing competitive salaries, good benefits, training, and advancement.  Our values and standards foster a culture that encourages achievement, satisfaction, collaboration, and meaningful contribution to our clients’ goals and our country’s success.

Mission Statement
MESMO Inc.'s mission is to become a trusted leader in provisioning professional, scientific, technical, and language support service solutions that help our customers optimize their productivity at all levels of impact.

Leadership Team
The MESMO leadership team, led by CEO Olajide “Jimmy” Ijadare, has more than 25 years of combined experience in professional, scientific, technical, and language support services fields.